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sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2005
Previsões para dezembro
Do Astrology Zone, para os sagitarianos:

+ Life is changing for the better, and the decisions you make several days after the new moon in Sagittarius, December 1, will make this fact very clear. You're feeling more confident now, and it shows - quite attractively! A new moon in your own sign is a grand time to grab the reins and initiate a new and special chapter - start a project, new job, relationship - you decide. There seems to be no obstacle too big to master, no depths too deep to plumb, and no divide too wide to cross. This month your password is "seize the moment!" »» Gostei disso!!

+ No doubt November tested your patience to the core, when just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. While probably nothing tragic happened, it was a month that gave new meaning to the word frustration! »» verdade...

+ If you do need to find a place to live, you may find a perfect space on December 29, when Uranus and the Sun are in very cheery formation. Be sure to be out browsing new housing possibilities around that time! »» casa nova? I like it! :)

+ At work, you have been working very hard, harder than anytime in recent memory. Over the past two months, you probably spent quite a bit of time backtracking on a project that either changed direction or became stalled, or that you discovered (to your dismay) was filled with flaws. This phase is about to end, thank goodness! »» EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

+ The full moon on December 15 in Gemini will shift your attention toward a partner. If you are seriously dating you may decide to get engaged or married within four days of this date, a good time to do so. The urge to team up with another person will be very strong, doubly so if you were born on December 15 or close to this date. »» Hã???

+ Financially, you've got a great month due. First, on the full moon December 15, you may hear news. Pluto is due to have a power lunch with the Sun in Sagittarius, bringing a strong possibility for happy financial news. This day falls within the new moon period, and therefore gives it extra weight. Jupiter, your ruling planet, will smile at Uranus, while Mercury, the planet of agreements, will be in friendly relationship to Saturn, planet of long term gain. Admittedly, there will be a few obstacles, but all in all, the cards are stacked in your favor! »» Melhorando um pouquinho eu já tô bem feliz! ;)

+ Romantically, holiday tensions may put a bit of a strain on a close relationship. You'll be over-committed and overwhelmed at work and in your personal life, and your other half will be feeling similar pressures. Tensions that have been simmering in your relationship are likely to boil over on the full moon December 15. In fact the weekend of December 17-18 will be quite volatile. »» :((((((